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Parker on the Roma people and the politics of EU citizenship in France

Discrimination against minorities, particularly the Roma minority permeates the European Union and still to this day the Roma people are subjected to widespread vilification and stereotyping throughout the Union. Owen Parker, a researcher of political science and international relations at … Continue reading

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The Opinion of Advocate General Bot in McDonagh v Ryanair (C-12/11)

In the spring of 2010, the Icelandic volcano, Eyjafjallajökull caused a closure of airspace which affected almost 10 million air passengers and cancelled 100 000 flights. One of these passengers was Denise McDonagh, whose flight from Faro to Dublin on … Continue reading

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The EU’s view on the new UN Resolution 2042 (2012) regarding Syria

One might wonder why the fall of the Al-Assad regime delays. Some observers say that “the West is happy for him [Bashar Al-Assad] to stay in power so long as bloodshed ends because it fears the Sunni Muslim opposition is … Continue reading

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Rather no Patent Court than a bad one?

On 23 June 2011 the Council reached an agreement on a substantive patent right for the internal market and the establishment of a European and Community Patent Court, and adopted a Proposal for a Regulation implementing enhanced cooperation. With the … Continue reading

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Försäkringskassan v Elisabeth Bergström – Case C-257/10

A serious blow to national sovereignty in the field of social security? Facts of the case In Case C-257/10 the plaintiff is Elisabeth Bergström, a Swedish national, who resided and worked in Switzerland from January 1994 until the birth of … Continue reading

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Hagerman on the need for a virtual European salon

In February Maja Hagerman published an article in the Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter (available online here), which then was translated for the multilingual website Presseurop.  This short writing, in its English version entitled “When will there be a virtual European … Continue reading

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Weiler on the political and legal culture of European integration

The International Journal of Constitutional Law in its last number of 2011 published an article of Joseph Weiler entitled “The political and legal culture of European integration: An exploratory essay”, in which he expresses concern about three main problems within … Continue reading

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