Call #1: Traineeships in the European Parliament

The European Parliament offers several options for traineeships within its Secretariat, to provide opportunities for vocational training and for learning more about what the European Parliament is and does.

The traineeships may be paid or unpaid and are of the following types: a general option, a journalism option and traineeships for translators. Paid traineeships are awarded solely to graduates of universities or equivalent institutions.

Applicants for Robert Schuman scholarships (general option) must also demonstrate that they have produced a substantial written paper, as part of the requirements for a university degree or for a scientific journal. One of these scholarships, known as the `Chris Piening Fellowship’, may be awarded to a candidate whose paper was concerned particularly with relations between the European Union and the United States.

More info here.

The next deadline for application: 15 October 2012

The next starting date: 1 March 2013


About eulaworebro

Örebro Universitet (Sweden)
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