Reading suggestion #2: EU accession to the ECHR – negotiations relaunched

We have already discussed the issue of the EU’s accession to the ECHR on this blog with the review of a paper by Tommaso Pavone published in May. Now the topic is under the spotlight again. After several months of hiatus, in June the Council of Europe decided to resume the talks. The Report of the Steering Committee for Human Rights is available here.

A few links to reflections on the latest developments:

  • The MultiRights Blog, authored by the Norwegian Stian Oby Johansen, followed the process during the last months in a series of posts. The last one provides a detailed overview of the CDDH Report linked above.

  • The issue is brought up by other law blogs as well, among which the ECHR Blog, the UK Human Rights Blog, and Europe of Human Rights.

A scholarly article was published on the topic in July in the European Journal of International Law (Vol. 23, No. 2) by the Italian Giuseppe Martinico, entitled “Is the European Convention to be ‘Supreme’? A Comparative-Constitutional Overview of ECHR and EU Law before National Courts”. The 24-page long essay is available online here.


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