Call #2: Chat with the President on 19th September!

Next week there will be the possibility to ask the President of the European Commission, José Manuel Barroso, about the state of the EU. SOTEU (State of the European Union) is a debate organised every year at the European Parliament since 2010. It starts with a speech by President Barroso, followed by a debate in plenary with the leaders of the political groups and other members of the European Parliament. This year the SOTEU will be held on 12th September.

On 19th September at 19:00 CET, President Barroso will answer citizens’ questions on the State of the Union in a live interview hosted by Euronews, using Google+ Hangout video technology. Between 7th September and 18th September at midday CET, people are invited to submit video or text questions for him to answer. Questions can be submitted – and voted on – via EUtube, the European Commission’s YouTube channel ( From amongst the top voted video questions, Euronews will select several participants to put their questions to the President in person, live, via Google+ Hangout. (Watch the President’s call for action:

You can follow the debate live and ask questions on the YouTube channel of President Barroso, on Twitter (, or on the EbS Channel (Audiovision Services of the European Commission).

The event:

12 September, 9h00: President Barroso will deliver the “State of the Union Address 2012” at the European Parliament in Strasbourg.

19 September, 19h00: Live interview with citizens on the State of the Union.

Sources: EU Newsroom, EU-kommissionen i Sverige on Facebook


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