Reading suggestion #4: The debate on Swedish snus continues

Previous post on the possible EU ban on Swedish snus on this blog: Is the EU moving against Swedish ‘snus’? by Amelie Edgren, Stina Haglund and Lina Olsson

Recent articles in the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet (in Swedish):

5 Sept. 2012: EU:s nya attack – mot din prilla by Lisa Röstlund

16 Sept. 2012: Så mörkade de snusrapporten by Oskar Forsberg

1 Oct. 2012: EU-kommissionen chattade om snuset by Lisa Röstlund

In English:

14 Sept. 2012 in the Wall Street Journal: Sweden’s Push to Expand Snus Sales Hits EU Hurdle by Niclas Rolander and Jens Hansegard


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