Announcement #2: Swedish Forum for Human Rights 2012 (Göteborg)

The Swedish Forum for Human Rights (Mänskliga Rättighetsdagarna) is the biggest annual forum about human rights in the Nordic countries. The forum is held in November every year in various places in Sweden focusing on a variety of themes concerning human rights. More than 2.000 participants from non-governmental organizations, universities, business and authorities on a central, regional and local level as well as teachers and students from secondary schools and colleges take part in various seminars and workshops.

Since 2004 the Swedish Forum for Human Rights takes place on an annual basis, the location alternating between Stockholm and another Swedish city every second year. This year the Forum will be hosted by Göteborg, and it will take place on 12-13 November in the Svenska Mässan.

Among the discussed topics:
– Är vissa rättigheter mer rätt än andra?
– Why so quiet on a Swedish human rights commission?
– India’s hidden apartheid – equal by law, unequal by caste

The detailed programme and all practical information are available on the website of the initiative:


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