Reading suggestion #11: Swedish snus and the “Dalligate”

In a recent post on the blog Diritti Comparati (Compared Laws) Alberto Alemanno analyses the circumstances of Commissioner Dalli’s resignation, entitling his post “The Snus’ Trap“, published on 10 December (in English). He argues that this episode “has the merit to bring to public attention the limits of today’s tobacco control efforts: the lack of an open, evidence-based and non-ideological debate upon the future of tobacco (including snus)”. His claim is that should such a debate exist neither Swedish Match nor Commissioner Dalli would have fallen victim of the snus’ trap.

On 14 December EU Observer reported that tobacco lobbyists and top European Commission officials held several quiet meetings over at least the past two years. The information comes from Corporate Europe Observatory (CEO), a Brussels-based pro-transparency NGO. According to the CEO the Commission’s response to the furious MEPs’ questions failed to clarify the basic facts about the Dalli lobby scandal. They conclude that the Commission has not fully implemented the WHO guidelines despite obligations to do so, therefore not only Dalli but numerous other high-level Commission officials should also resign (see the complete article here).

See also  the posts Is the EU moving against Swedish snus? and Reading suggestion #4: The debate on Swedish snus continues.


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