Reading suggestion #14: Referendum on EU matters in the UK in 2017?

David Cameron promised yesterday that Britain will hold a referendum on whether to stay in the EU in 2017. He delivered a speech in London, stating that he is willing to re-negotiate Britain’s EU membership terms if his Conservative party wins the next election, expected in 2015.

The video of his speech (37 minutes) can be seen in full here.


UK’s EU future dependent on other member states, by Honor Mahony (EU Observer)
Cameron publishes bits of unlucky EU speech, by Andrew Rettman (EU Observer)
Cameron: referendum on EU opt-outs, not on membership, by Andrew Rettman (EU Observer)
Cameron EU speech brought forward to avoid diplomatic row, bv Benjamin Fox (EU Observer)
EU Speech: David Cameron is ‘Churchill multiplied by Queen Victoria’, by The Telegraph
At whom was David Cameron’s Europe speech aimed?, by Nicholas Watt (The Guardian)
David Cameron’s EU speech: panel verdict, by The Guardian
David Cameron’s EU speech is a crafty piece of political positioning. Now, let the negotiations begin, by Charles Crawford (The Telegraph)


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