Reading suggestion #21: Scholarly writings published in February-March 2013

A few interesting studies published recently in the Social Science Research Network (SSRN):

K. McAuliffe, Languages and the Institutional Dynamics of the Court of Justice of the European Communities: Lawyer-Linguists and the Production of a Multilingual Jurisprudence, available here.

S. Tierney, Whose Political Constitution? Citizens and Referendums, available here.

F. Costamagna, Saving Europe ‘Under Strict Conditionality’: A Threat for EU Social Dimension?, available here.

T.A. Vandamme, Still the Committee of ‘Legislative Regions’? On Heterogeneity, Representation and Functionality of the Committee of the Regions after 2004, available here.

P. Tsoukala, Narratives of the European Crisis and the Future of (Social) Europe, available here.

A. Dyevre, Domestic Judicial Non-Compliance in the European Union: A Political Economic Approach, available here.

P.L. Lindseth, European Solidarity and National Identity: An American Perspective, available here.

L. Lazarus et al., The Evolution of Fundamental Rights Charters and Case Law, available here.


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