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Lenaerts on exploring the limits of the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights

The Charter became primary EU law when the Lisbon Treaty entered into force in December 2009. In order to understand the impact of the Charter on EU law the scope of it has to be determined, both regarding when it … Continue reading

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Åklagaren v. Hans Åkerberg Fransson, Case C-617/10 of 26 February 2013

Background Hans Åkerberg Fransson was a Swedish fisherman living in the north of Sweden. In 2007 it was decided that he would have to pay a tax surcharge, due to the fact that he had provided false information concerning his … Continue reading

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EU accession and international disputes: Serbia’s and Kosovo’s future as member states of the Union

The dispute between Serbia and Kosovo over the northern region spurs many questions which need examination in order to determine the possibilities – or non-possibilities – for both Serbia’s and Kosovo’s future as member states of the European Union (EU). … Continue reading

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New semester has started

The blog in its form written by the students is to launch its second edition. The course of EU Constitutional Law (master level), that runs in the second half of the Spring semester, started on 2 April. The students are … Continue reading

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Announcement #4: Conference for the 50th Anniversary of the Van Gend en Loos judgement in Luxembourg

A conference will be held on 13 May 2013 at the Court of Justice to commemorate the delivery of the judgment establishing the principle of direct effect of European Union law. It was announced by the Court of Justice on … Continue reading

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