Announcement #4: Conference for the 50th Anniversary of the Van Gend en Loos judgement in Luxembourg

A conference will be held on 13 May 2013 at the Court of Justice to commemorate the delivery of the judgment establishing the principle of direct effect of European Union law. It was announced by the Court of Justice on 5 February, the day before the 50th anniversary.

On 5 February 1963, the Court of Justice delivered its judgment in Van Gend en Loos, in response to a request for a preliminary ruling from a Netherlands tribunal (the Tariefcommissie). The case in the main proceedings had been brought by the transport company Van Gend en Loos, which, when importing goods from Germany into the Netherlands, was required to pay customs duties which it considered to be contrary to the rules of the EEC Treaty prohibiting Member States from increasing customs duties in their mutual commercial dealings. By its judgment, the Court established one of the fundamental principles of European Union law: direct effect.

On 13 May 2013, a day of reflection will take place at the Court of Justice, organised by a committee chaired by President of Chamber A. Tizzano and composed of Advocate General J. Kokott and Judge S. Prechal, which will examine the content of that judgment, its effects, impact and perspectives. The conference, the working languages of which will be French and English, will bring together representatives from across the legal professions and the academic world.

For the complete programme of the conference see here.


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