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Doubling the number of judges of the General Court – A breakthrough or blow for justice?

The General Court is facing an increasing workload, and questions on whether legal redress in the European Union (EU) can be guaranteed within a reasonable time have started to arise. On 3 December 2015 a Regulation (Regulation of the European … Continue reading

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Signing of the Agreement of a Unified Patent Court – A momentous step towards the completion of a unified patent system

In a post entitled “Rather no Patent court than a bad one?” published on this blog on 23 April 2012 comments were made to the ongoing development of a Unified Patent Court. At that time, the project of creating a … Continue reading

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Reading suggestion #10: Pollicino on the first steps of ECHR and EU legal orders

In the last number of the Comparative Law Review (Vol. 3, No. 2, available online) there is a very interesting paper by Oreste Pollicino, Associate Professor of Law at the Bocconi University in Milan, on the genesis and the first … Continue reading

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Reading suggestion #9: The ECJ on lowering judges’ retirement age

My recent post on the Italian blog Diritti Comparati, written in English, on the ECJ’s judgment delivered on 6 November that finds a violation of EU law (in particular of the Directive 2000/78/EC) by Hungary. The infringement procedure was started … Continue reading

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Pavone on the EU’s accession to the ECHR

With the adoption of the Lisbon Treaty the 27 EU member states took measures to unify the two separate regimes protecting human rights in Europe. Article 6 TEU provides that “the Union shall accede to the European Convention of Human … Continue reading

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UK-led initiative to weaken the European Court of Human Rights

The European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) is one of the icons of democracy, liberty and respect for individuals in Europe. The issues of the Court’s jurisdiction are so important that it is a requirement for countries that want to … Continue reading

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Rather no Patent Court than a bad one?

On 23 June 2011 the Council reached an agreement on a substantive patent right for the internal market and the establishment of a European and Community Patent Court, and adopted a Proposal for a Regulation implementing enhanced cooperation. With the … Continue reading

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