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‘Towards a New Schuman Declaration’ – Confronting the future of Europe

On 9 May 1950, the French Minister of Foreign Affairs Robert Schuman presented what would become the foundation of the European Coal and Steel Community – the Schuman Declaration. The Declaration laid down some important guidelines, but most importantly, it … Continue reading

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The European Citizens’ Initiative – still suffering from childhood diseases after three years?

The most apparent way of making your voice heard in the EU is by voting in the European Parliament election. An alternative is launching a European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI). The ECI is a tool that since 2012 allows European citizens … Continue reading

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Kreshnik Ymeraga and others v. Ministre du Travail, de l’Emploi et de l’Immigration, Case C-87/12 of 8 May 2013

Decision concerning a preliminary reference on the interpretation of Article 20 TFEU Background The applicants in this case are all from Kosovo (not member states of the EU yet, see a previous post on this blog). In 1999, Mr Kreshnik … Continue reading

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Reading suggestion #8: Fresh stats on EU citizenships granted by the Member States

Last week the Eurostat released the statistics related to the number of EU citizenships granted in 2010 by the Member States (in total 810 000). A summary of it can be found on EU Observer. The complete statistics can be … Continue reading

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Parker on the Roma people and the politics of EU citizenship in France

Discrimination against minorities, particularly the Roma minority permeates the European Union and still to this day the Roma people are subjected to widespread vilification and stereotyping throughout the Union. Owen Parker, a researcher of political science and international relations at … Continue reading

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The European citizens’ initiative took off on 1st April: not an April Fool

The European citizens’ initiative was introduced by the Lisbon Treaty as a new form of public participation, enabling citizens to directly shape the European policy and to improve the development of its legislation process. On 1 April 2012, more than … Continue reading

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