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The watchdog barks, but does it bite? – A renewed push on relocation and resettlement of refugees and migrants in the EU

Background This post is a follow up of the earlier posts on the Common European Asylum System published on this blog. It is based on a Statement from the Commission, published on 2 March 2017 concerning renewed efforts in implementing … Continue reading

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The Common Asylum System – a European Utopia?

Introduction Europe is facing the largest influx of asylum seekers since the creation of the European Union (EU). Thousands of migrants lose their lives when crossing the Mediterranean Sea on their way to Europe (see earlier posts). The large amount … Continue reading

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EU Enlargement: Turkey and the EU – recent developments

by Richard Muhire (short version)* The accession process for Turkey to join the European Union is progressing step by step even if there are still many challenges regarding the implementation of the acquis communautaire and fulfillment of the ‘Copenhagen criteria’. … Continue reading

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